Benefits of Lavenders

Lavender is one of the greatest gifts nature has bestowed upon humans. With its magical capabilities to treat a vast range of disease, disorders, and illnesses Lavender qualifies as a magical herb whose full potential is yet to be discovered. 

Lavender has over 40 types of species and more than 400 uses in the medical and cosmetics industry. The amazing plant grows in Northern Africa and mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. 

It is important that one is fully aware of the low-quality Lavender oils available in the market. These products use the amazing benefits of the high-grade lavender oils for marketing their lower-grade options, that contain additives and synthetic chemicals added to them for commercial purpose.

Lavender oils inhibit the production of certain chemicals in the body that are associated with stress.

One must check the “essential oil” label on the product in order to ensure that the oil has the benefits of essential oil. 

Lavender being pollenated by a bee

There are multiple benefits of using high-quality Lavender oils like:

  • Improves Skin Health

Lavender contains high quantities of anti-oxidants that help in cleaning the skin and keeping it fresh. The oil also helps to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day giving it a glowing and healthy look. 

Recent studieshave also shown that Lavender oils contain antiseptic properties that relieve the skin of the unwanted micro-organisms living there.   

And most importantly, Lavender oils have a beautiful aroma that is light and very relaxing. Regular application of lavender oil to the skin will give off an aroma that will be very pleasing for the person and the people around them.  

  • Helps the Nervous System via Aromatherapy

Recent studiesare investigating the relaxing effects that the lavender oils have on a person’s nervous system. Lavender oils inhibit the production of certain chemicals in the body that are associated with stress. Also, it helps the body produce certain hormones that increase the “feel-good” effect on the nervous system. In short, Lavender oils are very effective in relaxing the nervous system and providing peace to the users. 

  • Improves the Hair Quality

Lavender oils when applied to the scalp also prove beneficial. The oil keeps the scalp’s skin moisturized and relieves it off dandruff. The follicles are also revitalized by the magical ingredients of lavender oil that in turn increases the hair quality and growth rate. 

  • Provides Relief During Menstrual Cycles

During researchat the University of Tehran, it was discovered the Lavender oils can help lower the pain experienced in the lower abdomen by women during the menstrual periods (dysmenorrhea). Researchers asked the subjects to rub the lavender oil on the palms and inhale the aroma for a few minutes. It was observed that the lavender oil helped to substantially lower the menstrual pain experienced by the subjects. 

  • Keeps The Heart Healthy

Studieshave shown that the use of lavender oils helps in regulating the blood pressure and keeping the heart in a healthy shape. The oils have a magical effect on the nervous system that in turn relaxes the blood flow through the arteries, by dilating them and ensuring smooth frictionless flow and avoiding cardio related issues. 

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