4 Ways to Preserve Your Beauty!

What’s the Difference: Beauty & Maintenance
Within these two words, Beauty or Maintenance, do they go hand in hand? Let’s find out! Beauty is expressed to us in many different ways, but an amazing way to create a close to accurate description or explanation is looking at the textbook definition and the way it applies to us in real life. Beauty in the Webster dictionary states, “as a combination of qualities such as shape, color, form, that pleases the aesthetic senses”. While
Maintenance is the process of maintaining/preserving someone or something.
Okay, now that we got pass the hard part, let’s bring it all together.

In order to preserve the beauty, you already possess you can maintain it with the pure, divine, delicious ingredients this world has to offer. Beauty is already given to us and for Black women we have been given the tools through our heritage. The actual secrets that preserve that authentic beauty within every black man and woman that reflects on the outward.

There is plenty of people that swear by “Black don’t crack”, in reality regardless we must use the right things to maintain the robe of silk I would like to call our black skin. There is so much to learn about the preservation of our skin, hair, and nails just to name a few. Take notes as we give away a few beauty secrets.

The skin is our largest organ and requires daily attention.

  1. African Shea Butter is one of the best ways to maintain soft, healthy, supple skin.

Based on research, shea butter is extracted from this medium sized nut of the African Shea tree, which grows in West and Central Africa. Locals in Africa have long used this butter in cooking oils and natural beauty products. Now it is used as a treatment for wrinkles, blemishes and minor burns. It works great as a moisturizer, because the butter has several compounds that reduce inflammation and acids that prevent wrinkles.

2. Milk (an Egyptian beauty gem)

Milk especially raw milk, rich in B-vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids (at some point we will write a post about the meanings of beauty terminologies and compounds we should learn to identify), calcium and other potent antioxidants, wonderful skin benefits! It will nourish skin cells from deep within and keep skin moisturized all day.
If you have acne, it will gently exfoliate and gradually cure your acne. For oily skin, use it to draw out excess sebum (oils) from within skin pores and to tighten large pores.
Now let’s talk about, hair! It’s the quite popular topic all over social media and it can not be ignored

Firstly, there are all sorts of hair types and in the Black community there are various textures, curl patterns, and health needs for our hair. As you scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and other media stream you will notice no recipe is the same and every blogger relates to a specific hair type. The beauty about this is we are learning to protect, preserve, and maintain the beauty gifted to us by our Creator.

Here is a bit more informational gems for you to know:

3.Water! H2O!

You need it for your hair & skin to stay hydrated as well as preserving your hair growth and clear skin. Water is exactly what you need but not many remember that they must drink minimum of 6 glasses of water. Our bodies are made of 60-80 percent water, meaning we should be hydrating our bodies to maintain inner and outward hydration.

4. Last one for now, Extra Virgin Olive oil!

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil on black hair are beyond expectations, it carries more than oil, that black hair does not have and it is fatty acids. Fatty acids is what makes hair have a brilliant shine and feels soft as well the loss of fatty acids on hair cause hair breakage and leave hair looking dull and lifeless. Extra Virgin Olive oil are necessary for black hair, as they are rich with fatty acids. It also acts as conditioner.

Beauty is definitely defined by how you perceive it. You are beautiful inside and out, yet we were given tools preserve this beauty. Don’t ever let anyone allow you to doubt your beauty and don’t bring anyone down either, ladies your appearances are different for a divine reason. Which allows this world to be an evolving place. Beauty and maintenance goes hand and hand.

Lastly, just remember!

You are beautiful.

You are a Queen.

You are a King.

Let’s maintain it together!

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